Affiliated Faculty

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Faculty

Kristin Anderson, Sociology. Gender and society, the family in society, domestic violence and the criminal justice system.

Bidisha Biswas, Political Science. Diaspora politics, international relations, ethnic and civic conflicts, terrorism.

Josh Cerretti, History and WGSS. Local and transnational feminisms, memory, trauma, and violence in wartime. (Joint Appointment in History and WGSS)

Elizabeth Colen, English. Hybrid genres, experimental writing, ecopoetics, and literary collage.

Susan Costanzo, History. Russian women's history and culture.

Shirin Deylami, Political Science. Feminist and queer theory; post-colonial and Islamic thought; and gender and Islam.

Julie Dugger, English. Women writers, gender and genre, the romance novel.

Marie Eaton, Fairhaven College. Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered issues in education. (Emerita)

Lena Ericksen, Psychology. Gender issues.

Mary Erickson, Communication Studies. Critical media studies, gender, film/TV/internet, media industries.

Amanda Eurich, History. Gender, sexuality, and religion in early modern Europe.

Barbara Farrand, Psychology. Gender issues, learning and cognitive development, adolescent development.

Angela Fillingim, Sociology. Human rights, immigration, international law, Latin America, race, and political sociology.

Allison Giffen, English. Early 19th century American women writers and American women poets.

Carol Guess, English. Queer Studies, Creative Writing.

Joyce Hammond, Anthropology. Cross-cultural women studies, gender in visual media and popular culture, gender and body, women's folk arts.

Pam Hardman, English. Women's literature, cultural studies, medical institutions' treatment of women.

Nini Hayes, Environmental Studies. Critical education theory, environmental education, and social justice.

Vicki Hsueh, Political Science and WGSS, Program Director. Feminist political theory, political participation and gender, post-colonialism, ethnicity, and race.

Melina Juárez Pérez, Political Science and WGSS. Immigration, Latinx politics, race, gender, and sexuality. 
(Joint Appointment in Political Science and WGSS).

Laura Laffrado, English. Early U.S. literature and culture, U.S. women's writing, women's autobiographical writing.

Anne Lobeck, English. Language and gender.

Jen Lois, Sociology. Social psychology, emotions, gender, qualitative methods.

Baozhen Luo, Sociology. Family and life course, social gerontology, Asian/Asian American.

Kelly Magee, English. Creative writing, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered studies.

Lori Martindale, Honors and WGSS. Gender studies; film and media studies; philosophy and literature; feminist theory; writing about literature.

Mary Janell Metzger, English. Feminist, gender, and critical theory; early modern lit & culture; globalization and literature, globalization, women and literature.

Barbara Miller, Art History. Feminist art theory, contemporary women artists, and the representation of gender in modern and contemporary visual culture.

Kate Miller, WGSS. Introduction to Women Studies, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered studies, creative writing, feminist theory.

Carolyn Nielsen, Journalism. Diversity, mass media and social change as it relates to women's lives.

Nancy Pagh, English. Gender and Pacific Northwest regional studies, women and environments, women and space.

Suzanne Paola, English. Creative writing, women and literature.

Rachel Paul, Political Science. Women and politics.

Lysa Rivera, English. Chicano/a and African American literature and culture, science fiction, literature and culture.

Debra J. Salazar, Political Science. Queer politics, social justice, social change, women and environmental politics.

Kathy Saunders, Anthropology. Gendered aspects of technoscience, reproduction and kinship, cross-cultural sex and gender.

Michael Schulze-Oechtering, History/ESJ/ACS. Social movements, ethnic studies, Asian-American and Black power movements, labor rights.

Rae Lynn A. Schwartz-DuPre, Communication and WGSS. Rhetoric, mass media and postcolonial communication. (Joint Appointment in Comm Studies and WGSS)

Michael Slouber, Liberal Studies. South Asia history and culture, gender and sexuality.

Tamara Spira, Fairhaven/American Cultural Studies. Transnational, de-colonial, and critical race feminist theories and praxis; queer of color and transnational sexuality studies and feminist critiques of militarism, prisons, and empires. 

Anika Stafford, WGSS. Queer & feminist theory and methods, critical childhood studies, colonialism and North American history.

Midori Takagi, Fairhaven College. Race, class and gender, comparative studies of women of color.

Shurla Thibou, WGSS. Introduction to Women Studies, women and globalization.

Kate Trueblood, English. Women and literature, creative writing.

Chris Vargas, Art. Time-based art, queer radicalism, transgender hirstory, and imperfect role models.

Verónica N. Vélez, Education and Social Justice/Woodring and Fairhaven. Critical race theory and Latina/o critical theory in education, Chicana feminist epistemologies, politics of parent engagement in educational reform, particularly for Latina/o (im)migrant families, and participatory action and community-based models of research.

Theresa Warburton, English. Contemporary women's literature, Native literature, women of color and indigenous feminisms, feminist theory, anarchist studies, social justice.

Sara Weir, Political Science. Social and health policy, women and politics, feminist political theory. (Emerita)

Christopher Wise, International Studies. Colonization/Post colonization and expected gender roles.

Jane Wong, English. Creative writing, women of color in the literary arts, Asian American studies, digital humanities.

Greg Youmans, English. Film and media studies, documentary and experimental cinema, LGBTQ history and historiography, and queer and feminist theory.

Kathleen Young, Anthropology. Cross cultural gender roles.

Sarah Zarrow, History. Jewish women's history and culture, gender and sexuality in

Sarah Zimmerman, History. Africa, colonialism, women and gender.