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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty teach and conduct research in a variety of areas, including Family and the Life Course, Law/Crime/Deviance, Population Studies, Social Organization/Social Inequality, and Social Psychology. Our staff provide strong administrative support and a comprehensive advising program for students. For background information on each of our faculty and administrative staff, click on their names.


Name Academic Title Faculty Research Interests Contact Info
Kristin Anderson Professor
Gender, domestic violence, family
(360) 650-7219
Rick Bulcroft Associate Professor
Family, relationships, adolescence, research methods
(360) 650-3005
Mick Cunningham Professor
Family, social demography, gender, time use, intimate partner violence
(360) 650-4881
Seth Feinberg Professor
Research methodology, post-colonial African states, deviance, and NFL/NCAA labor markets
(360) 650-3864
Angela Fillingim Assistant Professor/ Co-Director of Education and Social Justice Minor
Human Rights, Immigration, International Law, Latin America, Race, Political Sociology, Social Theory
(360) 650-7213
Sabrina Freeman Instructor
Organizations, small group processes, research
(360) 650-3618
Pat Gillham Associate Professor
Social movements, democracy, policing, law, civil disorder, inequalities, social control and violence
(360) 650-3006
Ron Helms Professor
Criminal justice, criminology, research methods
(360) 650-7927
Jen Lois Professor
Social psychology, emotions, gender, qualitative methods
(360) 650-3007
Baozhen Luo Associate Professor
Global Aging, Global China, Social Theories
(360) 650-7913
Carter Merklinghaus Instructor
Military Service, Gender, Substance Use/Abuse, Social Psychology, Demography
(360) 650-7213
Liz Mogford Professor
Social/structural determinants of health, travel ethics, critical health literacy pedagogy, gender equity with focus on violence against women
(360) 650-3002
Julie Morris Dir, Center for Social Science
Statistics, Demography, Health, Intersectionality
(360) 650-3176
Jenny Nguyen Instructor
Race and ethnic inequality, gender, IEPs, ACEs, Experimental surveys
(360) 650-3001
Melissa Osborne Assistant Professor
Social mobility, inequality and stratification, education, culture, organizations, social theory, qualitative methods
(360) 650-3001
Laura Overstreet Senior Instructor
Divorce in late adulthood, student learning
(360) 650-7522
Toby Ten Eyck Instructor
Community and urban culture
(360) 650-7521
Glenn Tsunokai Professor
Race and ethnic relations, methods, stratification
(360) 650-2540
Glenn Tsunokai
Anne Tuominen Instructor
Family, religion, eLearning
Sara Vega Instructor
Social Inequality, Food Insecurity, Health, Applied Research, Survey Research
(360) 650-4926
Cameron Whitley Assistant Professor
Environmental Sociology, Animal Studies, Science and Technology, Queer/Trans Studies, Social Psychology, Teaching and Learning
(360) 650-3618
Batool Zaidi Assistant Professor
Gender, Demography, International Development, Global Sociology
(360) 650-4926
Name Academic Title Faculty Research Interests Contact Info
Maggie Huang Admin Services Manager A
(360) 650-3610
Andrea Osborn Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor
(360) 650-4882
Affiliated/Part-Time Faculty
Name Academic Title Faculty Research Interests Contact Info
Lucky Tedrow Research Associate
Social and applied demography, computer applications
(360) 650-3176