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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Schedule of Events

PsychFest 2020: June 5, 2020

Schedule of Events

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Opening Remarks and Awards
- Dr. Brent Carbajal, Provost, WWU
- Dr. Paqui Paredes, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, WWU 
- Dr. James Graham, Chair, Department of Psychology, WWU
- Student Scholarship and Award Presentations

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Student Oral Research Presentations

Jerry Geffre-Barnett, The Role of Relational Mobility in Cultural Expression of Social Anxiety in Context

Eleanor Young, Rowan Salton, Hanna Estes, Public Perceptions of #MeToo Male Sexual Assault Disclosure: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Facebook Comments

Mikayla Shea, Connecting to Nature: Mindfulness and Desire to Engage in Pro-Environmental Behaviors

Rowan Salton, Motivations for Pursuing Trauma Advocacy: A Qualitative Study

Kira Means, Kristi Lemm, Evaluating the Internalized Misogyny Scale 15 Years Later

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Keynote Presentation and Raffle

Dr. Brian Nosek, Shifting Incentives from Getting it Published to Getting it Right


PsychFest Posters

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Scott Lieberman, Can a Politician's Recommendation Change the Effects of Framing?

Jessica Carmel, Kayl Gillihan, Lizz Groda, Allie Johnson, Kayla Sadlier, Rachel Swanson, & Alex Czopp (PSY 346), Too Gay to Pay? Stereotypes and Perceived Employment Fit

Sydney Gibson, Marijke Jorna, Rachel Laher, Emily McAdam, Colton Romannose, Savannah Zak & Alex Czopp (PSY 346), The White Stuff? Stereotypes and Perceived Employment Fit

Noah Ajeto, Davis Collie, Taylor Riggs, Isabel Rodriguez, Tasia Ross & Alex Czopp (PSY 346), ¿Cómo Te Llamas? Stereotypic Names and Perceived Employment Fit

Alicia Gehring, Taylor Hinshaw, Michael Moore, Jayven Nachampassak, Shoshana Schrenk, Yingwen Yuchen & Alex Czopp (PSY 346), Is Xiang Better at Math than Jimmy? Stereotypic Name and Perceived Employment Fit

Hanna Alocozy, Sharayah Gorham, Julie Grace, Jessica Kassebzadeh, Christ Street, Meichen Zhang & Alex Czopp (PSY 346), The Sweet Sound of Gender Discrimination: Voice Pitch and Perceived Employment Fit

Rajveer Gill, Sera Wheeler, Rochelle A. Robinson, Shaun Sowell, Aaron Smith, Diana Gruman, Larry Symons, Jennifer Devenport, and Todd Haskell, Defining Quality Faculty Advising: A Student-Led Mixed Methods Approach

Dax Joubert-Bousson, Abby Peterson, Maeve Gallagher, Ryley Meadows-Hills, Cammi Hansen, Madi Myers, Sage Nicholson, Alejandra Saavedra, Cass Walling, The Role of Text Difficulty on Mind Wandering, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Time

Gus Brooks, Valerie Goliff, Cierra Johnson, Alana McCleese, Linda Pacheco, Summer Pascual, Natalia Saavedra, Allison Schwam, Jasmine Welaye & Alex Czopp, You Mad, Bro? Political Orientation Moderates Psychological Responses to Upward vs. Downward Pandemic Comparisons

Gabe Byram, Camille Fogel, Kendall Lawley, & Gus Brooks, Dating App Use Among Sexual Minority Women

Kiley Shorthouse, Ashley Jayroe, Vida Pourmand & Barbara J. Lehman, Cultural Similarities and Social Support

Sophia Ketchum-Goulding, Maxwell Lau, Elena Olafsson, & Antonya Gonzalez, Effort Explanations for Inequality Predict Inequality Perpetuation in Children

Abby Peterson, Macey Crooks, Anthony Barrios, Klara Engel, Cody Cordero, Petra Armstrong, Davis Collie, Cammi Hansen, Val Klages, Madison Hansen, Lori Reyna, Raven Gelder, Thomas W. H. Hyman, Ira E. Hyman Jr., Repeated Inattentional Blindness in a Divided Attention Tracking Task

C . Beyenal, J. Branscum Higuera, A. Broadhead, S. Brownfield, T. Coleman, K. Dahl, P. Elwood, J. Enebo, A. Gehring, K. Gillihan, M. Gonzalez Riggs, M. Goff, N. Hill, S. Hagman, B. Keegan, D. Kuhlman, R. Kyes, A. Luna, M. Maloof, J. Mei schke, E. Morrison, K. Ponce Ransell , K. Queverlo , S. Rytter, J. Salaya , T. Swinger, M. Thurlow, Y. Vazquez, A. Vergara, Z. Willett, & D. Sattler (PSY 302), Temporary Class Cancellation and Academic Stress

Sophia Bird, Shione Borgal, Dalia Casillas, Gabriella Chavez, Bradyn Cox, Maeve Gallagher, Cammi Hansen, Jordan Lam, Vinna Lee, Calvin Ngo, Kylie Otton, Ember Rice-Narusch, Ingrid Yang, and David Sattler (PSY 442), High School Disaster Preparedness: An Assessment of School Webpages

Shantanu Deshmane, Elyse Etlicher, Maddy Garcia, Alyson Hinman, Cierra Johnson, Jocelyn Leonard, Hannah Martinez, Jasmine Midgley, John Moore, Hannah Proctor, Regan Sundberg, Griffin Tokuhara, Nathan Wooden Knife, Cynthia Wright, & David Sattler (PSY 442), Predicting Self-Protective Actions for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): A National Study

Kris Tran, Hannah Proctor, & Dr. Christie N. Scollon, Asian American Happiness: A Preliminary Analysis

Yichuan Yin & Kristi Lemm, Cultural Differences in Attitudes Toward Individuals with Disabilities

Luke Arnold & Jeff King, PhD, Scientific Mindedness: Scale Development and Psychometrics

Mikayla L. Shea, Kris Tran, Aryele Jackson, Madeline, Threat of Covid-19 and Happiness