Post Tenure Review Committee

The Post Tenure Review Committee is composed of five tenured faculty members, two from each of the dis­ciplinary areas and one at large representative. There may be only one representative from any single department. No department chairs are eligible to serve on this committee, nor are faculty who are scheduled for post tenure review during the term of service. The term of service is two years, three members to be named in odd numbered years and two in even numbered years. A faculty member who wants to serve a second term on a committee has priority for reappointment, but loses that priority for subsequent reappointment after serving two or more consecutive terms. In the event that a committee member cannot fulfill the term of service, that member should resign. Committee members in the same department as an applicant may not be present during discussion of, voting on, and drafting of the letter of recommendation for that applicant.

The committee considers the materials submitted for post tenure review forwarded to it by the Dean and makes recommend­ations to the Dean. The committee may, through the office of the Dean, request additional information and/or consultation.  The committee  recommends changes in policy or procedures to the Faculty Affairs Council.