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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Declaring the Major or Minor - Political Science

UPDATE:  Due to COVID-19, students wishing to declare the Political Science major or minor, should do so using the following electronic declaration forms:

Major Declaration Form

Minor Declaration Form

On major declaration forms, please indicate the preferred major in the comments section (Political Science or Political Science/Social Studies). Students wishing to declare the Political Science/Economics major or the Politics, Philosophy, Economics major should complete the CBE Application for Admission/Declaration.

For both major and minor declaration forms please route the form to for approval.

Declaring the Political Science Major

You are eligible to declare the Political Science major, and any of the majors combined with Political Science, if you have completed any two of the following courses:


PLSC 250, PLSC 261, PLSC 271 or PLSC 291


Stop by the Political Science Department office, Arntzen Hall 415 and an advisor will review your transcripts and assist you in completing the Major Declaration Form. If you are a transfer student, you may receive credit for equivalent political science courses taken at another college or university.


Please note that signatures from each department advisor are needed to declare a combined major in Political Science/Economics or Political Science/Philosophy/Economics.  Signed and completed Major Declaration Forms will be forwarded to the Registrar.

(Read more about the Political Science Major.)



Declaring the Political Science Minor

You can declare the Political Science Minor at any time.  There are no prerequisites. 

Please come to the Political Science Department Office, Arntzen Hall 415, to officially declare a minor in Political Science.

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