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Meet Some Former Political Science Students!

The Political Science Major is just the start of your journey! Whether you plan to go on to graduate school, law school or right into the workforce, the Political Science major will prepare you for your next step. Read about some of our former students to see where their major has taken them!


Vernon Johnson and former student Kiku Huckle

Kiku Huckle, Political Science Major (2000)

On completion of her undergraduate studies at Western, Kiku went on to earn an MA in Theological Studies from George Fox Evangelical Seminary in 2008, an MA in Political Science from Villanova University in 2010, and her PhD in Political Science at the University of Washington in 2016.  Today Kiku is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Pace University (more)

Reynaldo Pascua, Political Science Major (1971)

As a student at Western Washington University, Rey Pascua put his time to good use majoring in Political Science and Ethnic Studies, participating in varsity track for four years as a Viking, completing an internship with the Office of Equal Opportunity in Olympia, and helping to establish the WWU Asian Student Union.  As a student activist  (more)

Tom Simonson, Political Science Major (1993)

Political Science was a natural strength for me.  Local, state and national topics were always discussed at the dinner table and amongst family.  On heading to university, it felt like I should explore every avenue and pursue my most natural strength, and after taking business, science, and other liberal arts classes, I fell back to what came natural to me.  I reveled in policy development, and in particular international policy (more)

Jackson Higgins, Political Science Major (2006)

When I began my undergraduate studies at WWU in 2002, I was unsure of the path I would take.  Introduction to International Relations was the first Political Science course that I took, and I quickly discovered my passion for International Affairs, eventually majoring in Political Science and minoring in History.  As I neared graduation, I dealt with the dilemma that many Political Science students surely understand...(more)

Alanna Imbach, Political Science Major (2005)

I found my way to Political Science entirely by accident. In my second year at Western, I decided that I wanted to major in International Relationsa major that wasn’t offered by Western at the time. In order to transfer schools to the program I (thought I) was interested in, I was required to take Intro to International Political Economy. It was my first-ever political science class, and I immediately knew that Western’s Political Science program was exactly what I’d been looking for.  (more)

Kristine Farwell, Economics and Political Science Major (2014)

I actually planned to major in political science since before completing
high school. I've always enjoyed discussing politics with people. It's something
that impacts everyone, whether they realize it or not.  After coming to Western,
I fell in love with Economics too, but realized I wanted to be able to . . . (more)

Danyal Lotfi-Chahardeh, Political Science Major (2014)

Though I always liked to discuss politics when I was in high school, when
I came to college my intended major was Biomedical Engineering. I took
the Political Science 101 course during my first quarter at Western Washington
University and right away I knew that's what I wanted to study. I've never... (more)

Andrew Intveld, Economics and Political Science Majors (2011)

I started out as an economics major, but took some political science courses out of personal interest.  And the more political science courses I took, the more I loved them. They were engaging, interesting, and offered insights into a world that is shaped by politics...I learned so much about the topics and about myself. (more)

A young person with blond hair weariing a collared dress shirt smiling

Stephen Moncrief, Political Science Major (2010)

Western’s department provided a well-rounded introduction to the discipline, and I had a blast in my IR and comparative politics classes. Comparative Electoral Systems, IR of East Asia, and the Politics of Democratization were some of my favorites...(more)

Anne Walden-Newman, Political Science Major (2009)

Attending WWU was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I was one of the rare freshman students to know exactly what I

wanted to major in (political science) – and then kept . . .(more)

Jesse Moore

Jesse Moore, Political Science Major (2005)

I found my way to Political Science by way of the literature,

sociology, and business courses I took when I first got to

Western. Each time I tiptoed down one of those . . .(more)

Erik Schmidt

Erik Schmidt, Political Science and Social Studies (2010),

Masters in Teaching (2012)
From a young age I found individuals who could explain the

complexity of international, economic and domestic issues

to be the smartest people in the room. In my first . . .(more)

Owen Hauck

Owen Hauck, Political Science Major and Economics Major (2012)

Presenting a paper at the Political Science Association

Student Conference. I would highly recommend current

students to challenge themselves and present . . .(more)

Jeff Cedarbaum

Jeff Cedarbaum, Politics, Philosophy, Economics Major (2012)

When I started college I was not set on any particular major,

I just took classes that seemed interesting, a number of

which were political science. I have always . . .(more)

Joe Larsen

Joe Larsen, Political Science Master of Arts (2011)

All my professors at Western had an impact on me

in some way, but my experience with Professor Alper

was very influential. Dr. Alper helped me to . . . (more)

Anne Kreft

Anne Kreft, Political Science Master of Arts (2010)

I first attended Western in 05/06 as an exchange

student from Germany. Although I was a British and

American Studies major at home, I soon took . . .(more)

Kathrine Moore

Kathrine Moore, Human Rights Major (2010)

My interest in political science was born out of an

upbringing that always required me to ask ‘why?’.

My parents refused to give me short answers . . .(more)

Charles Walker, International Political Economy Major (2010)

Political Science provides a lens by which you can assess

the triumphs and failures of our world today. It allows you to

 understand both history and the present by . . .(more)

Michael Caster, Political Science and
East Asian Studies Major (2008)

My decision to pursue Political Science at Western

stemmed from the diversity of theoretical and regional

expertise in the department and the ability to . . .(more)

Ryan Shay

Ryan Shay, Political Science Major (2011)

Currently, I am working in the U.S. Congress for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Prior to my time on Capitol Hill, I received my M.A. in political science (emphasis: U.S. Congress) with distinction from Villanova University. I graduated from WWU in August 2011 with a B.A. in political science. (more)

Bryn Beorse, Political Science Major (1972)

More than 40 years ago, alumnus Bryn Beorse left the comforts of the WWU campus with a BA in Political Science (1972).  Graduating at the time of a difficult recession, he found the job market challenging and returned to Western for additional studies in journalism, a decision that led to a 17 year career in newspapers beginning in 1975 (more)

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