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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Sarah Zimmerman

Associate Professor

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

MA, University of California, Berkeley

BA, Ohio University, Athens

(360) 650-2967

W21 : Tu & Th 16:00-17:00, or by appointment

Current Courses

History 285   African History to 1800

History 286   African History since 1800

History 369   Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Africa

History 385  West Africa and the Atlantic World

History 386  Southern African History

History 387  Africa since the 1960s

History 499   African History Thesis Seminar

I also teach topical seminars at the 400-level. Please consult classfinder for current offerings. Recent seminar titles include HIST 490 "Theory & History," "Public History & Memory in Africa," "Women, Gender, and the African Atlantic World," "FrançAfrique, 1789-present," "African Migrations & Diasporas" 

Faculty Research Interests

African History, Gender, Colonialism, Militarization, and Public History

Selected Publications

Militarizing Marriage: West African Soldiers' Conjugal Traditions in Modern French Empire (Ohio UP, 2020)

"Apatridie et décolonisation. Les tirailleurs sénégalais guinéens et la Guinée de Sékou Touré." Les Temps Modernes 693 (2017): 111-145.

"Citizenship, Military Service, and Maintaining Exceptionalism: Originaires in World War One." In Empire in World War I: Shifting Frontiers and Imperial Dynamics in a Global Conflict, edited by Andrew Jarboe and Richard Fogarty, 219-248. New York: I.B. Tauris, 2014.

"Mesdames Tirailleurs and Indirect Clients: West African Women and the French Colonial Army, 1908-1918." International Journal of African Historical Studies 44 (2011): 299-322.

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