Dr. Edward Vajda

Photo of Dr. Vajda

Professor of Russian and Linguistics; Russian and Eurasian Studies Advisor

B.A., Indiana University

Ph.D. in Slavic Linguistics, University of Washington

(360) 650-4856

Miller Hall 217D

Edward Vajda is a professor at Western Washington University, where he teaches courses on morphological theory, historical linguistics, Russian language, culture and folklore, and Inner Eurasia's nomadic peoples. His research focuses on Ket, a language spoken by fewer than 50 people in the remote areas near the Yenisei river in Siberia. He received his university's Excellence of Teaching Award in 1992 and Paul J. Olscamp Distinguished Research Award in 2011. Research and teaching interests: morphology, historical linguistics, Russian and North Asian peoples and languages, in particular the Yeniseian family of Central Siberia.

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