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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Yuliya Tverdova


Ph.D., Political Science, Binghamton University, SUNY

M.P.A., Public Administration, Binghamton University, SUNY

B.A., Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Volgograd, Russia

(360) 650-3526

AH 416


Current Courses

PLSC 291, Introduction to Comparative Politics (Winter 2021, Spring 2021)

PLSC 357, Health Policy (Fall 2020)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Tverdova, Yuliya V. 2012. “The Formation of Economic Perceptions in Post-Communist Countries of East Central Europe.” Political Behavior 34 (1): 137-158.

Tverdova, Yuliya V. 2011. “Human Trafficking in Russia and Other Post-Soviet States.” Human Rights Review 12 (3): 329-344.

Tverdova, Yuliya V. 2011. “See No Evil: Heterogeneity in Public Perception of Corruption.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 44 (1): 1-25.

Anderson, Christopher J., Aida Paskeviciute, Maria E. Sandovici, and Yuliya V. Tverdova.  2005.  “In the Eyes of Beholder?  The Foundations of Subjective Human Rights Conditions in East-Central Europe.”  Comparative Political Studies 38 (7): 771-798.

Tverdova, Yuliya V., and Christopher J. Anderson. 2004. “Choosing the West? Referendum Choices on EU membership in East-Central Europe.” Electoral Studies 23 (2): 185-208.

Anderson, Christopher J., Silvia Mendes, and Yuliya V. Tverdova. 2004. “Endogenous Economic Perceptions: Evidence from the 1997 British Election.”   Electoral Studies 23 (4): 683-708.

Anderson, Christopher J., and Yuliya V. Tverdova. 2003. “Corruption, Political Allegiances, and Attitudes Toward Government in Contemporary Democracies.” American Journal of Political Science 47 (1): 91-109.

Anderson, Christopher J., and Yuliya V. Tverdova. 2001. “Winners, Losers, and Attitudes Toward Government in Contemporary Democracies.” International Political Science Review 22 (4): 321-38.


Book Chapters

Tverdova, Yuliya V. 2011. “Follow the Party or Follow the Leader? Candidate evaluations, Party Evaluations, and Macropolitical Context.” In Russell J. Dalton and Christopher J. Anderson (eds.), Citizens, Context, and Choice: How Context Shapes Citizens’ Electoral Choices. Oxford University Press.

Anderson, Christopher J., and Yuliya V. Tverdova. 2001. “The Economy and Public Opinion in East Germany, 1991-1995.” In Susan Stokes (ed.), Public Support for Market Reforms in New Democracies. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Areas of Specialty

Research Interests

  • Communism and Post-Communism
  • Comparative Politics
  • Health Policy