Multidisciplinary Studies

The Multidisciplinary Studies Major is designed for students seeking a flexible academic focus that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Students may develop a personalized plan of study utilizing resources across multiple departments. The major affords students the opportunity to prepare themselves for work in a variety of areas. In consultation with the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor, students design their program of study under the Multidisciplinary Studies Major guidelines.

To fulfill the major students must complete 60 credits of upper division course work; 35 of the 60 credits must be in a thematic area requiring Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor approval; 15 of the 60 credits are credits required after approval of Multidisciplinary Studies Plan of Study.  At least 50% of the credits used in the major must be earned at Western Washington University.  A minimum of two departments must be represented.  Students must earn a minimum of C- or better in courses for the major, and Pass/Fail grades do not apply.

Students are limited to no more than 40 upper division credits in any single academic department, and students are limited to no more than 44 credits taught in business (classes by the departments of accounting, decision sciences, finance and marketing, and management).

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for graduation.  The required three writing proficiency points may be taken in any department.