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Spanish Placement Test

Spanish Placement Test

What is the WebCAPE Spanish Placement Test? The WebCAPE Spanish Placement Test (SPT) is a multiple-choice computerized exam that tests a student’s knowledge of Spanish at different levels of difficulty. The exam discerns a student’s solid knowledge from partial knowledge, which allows the assignment of a score that will predict accurately a student’s ability to succeed at a particular level of Spanish course. The exam measures knowledge, rather than experience, so students should not be bumped up or down a level based on the number of years of high school Spanish taken. Doing so will cause the student to struggle, either through lack of preparation or through boredom with previously learned material. 

Fee: Placement exam fee is $5. Each student's Western account will be charged once they have completed the exam.

Who should take the placement exam? Any student who has taken Spanish prior to coming to Western as well as students who, without having taken formal Spanish classes, have experience with the language, either because Spanish is the language spoken at home, or because they have traveled or lived in Spanish-speaking countries should take the exam. Students who do not have experience with Spanish do not need to take the exam and should enroll in SPAN 101 (offered fall quarters only).

GET STARTED! To take the exam, click the following link to get started. You must use your Western email and Western student ID number. WWU Spanish Placement Test

If you have any additional questions about the test, you may contact Angela. Questions about the major or minor can be directed to a Spanish advisor.