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The Spanish Section of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages provides instruction in language, literature, linguistics, and culture. Students of Spanish acquire the skills required to not only speak the language, but also to learn about and appreciate Hispanic societies, cultures, and artistic expressions. The guiding principle of the curriculum is that one of the best ways to understand a culture is directly through its language.

Spanish at Western is taught both holistically and analytically. Holistic language learning is facilitated by modern communicative methods and multimedia technology, as well as through foreign study opportunities. The section supports the analytical instruction of language structure through a full range of language skills courses, as well as a significant number of courses in linguistics. The Spanish language curriculum is diverse and varied, but the programmatic objective is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the skills to be able to communicate in Spanish with near-native proficiency.

Literary analysis is essential to a student's understanding of the highest achievements in aesthetic expression of a culture's values. The Spanish curriculum thus includes instruction in history and culture, as well as literary theory, with an end to enabling the student to gain access to the intellectual life of Hispanic culture.

The multifaceted curriculum of the Spanish program provides an opening to the Hispanic world through language, literature, culture and civilization. It is, therefore, a true representation of the diversity that characterizes the Spanish-speaking world.


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