College of Humanities & Social Sciences

German Curriculum

Unser Studiengang / Our course of study

  German Major / Minor Advisor:
  Prof. Sandra Alfers

  MH 215E





The German curriculum at WWU is a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum designed to provide rich learning experiences to its students and to focus on what students should know and be   able to do with the language. The experienced faculty at Western aim to weave these rich curricular experiences into a fabric of language learning that comprises the following skills, competencies,   teaching methodologies, uses of language, and content areas:

Image Source: Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century (2006), p. 33.

Highlights from the German curriculum:  

  • Active & collaborative learning in classes ranging from 15-30 students
  • Diverse & interdisciplinary program of study
  • Engaged professors teaching on all levels of the curriculum
  • Strong advising & mentoring
  • Low textbook costs
  • Affordable study abroad opportunities in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland that allow students to complete German WWU credits abroad
  • Recognized as a German Center of Excellence by the "American Association of Teachers of German" (AATG) in 2012, one of only two public undergraduate institutions in the U.S. with this distinction at the time
  • 60 credits for the major / 30 credits for the minor

German Programs of Study:


For more information, including career opportunities after graduation, please visit the Western Washington University advising page.

Interested in joining the German program at Western?

Please make an appointment to see Prof. Alfers for more information. Advising is available during fall, winter, and spring quarter.