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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

WWU Journalism Mission Statement

Mission Statement


The Department of Journalism provides students with educational excellence in an experiential learning environment leading to an understanding of the role of mass media in a diverse democratic society, while teaching critical thinking, and the ethical use of traditional and new media.

Here is the Journalism Department Evaluation Plan.


Program Objectives

  • To teach journalism, visual journalism and public relations by building upon a solid liberal arts foundation, while providing students with analytical and assertive information-gathering skills, and the ability to write clearly and quickly on complex topics.
  • To instill students with a sense of commitment to see that democratic processes in society are served by the timely disclosure of quality information to the reading, viewing and listening public.
  • To demonstrate the value of diversity among faculty, students, staff and community while preparing future citizens, media professionals and leaders who appreciate the value of diversity.
  • To provide a learning community that celebrates diversity and a curriculum that encourages a thoughtful and sensitive examination of the diversity of our regional, national and global communities.


Learning Objectives

  • To provide students with a firm liberal arts education and high quality professional training, in keeping with national standards for accrediting journalism and public relations programs.
  • To provide students with courses on writing, editing, research and critical thinking in every sequence in the department.
  • To enhance communication skills in writing and critical thinking so that students may use these skills in media, public relations, public affairs and graduate study.
  • To provide students with the knowledge of the technical means of producing and communicating meaningful content as citizens, media professionals, leaders and educators.