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Journalism Override Request Form

Spring Quarter 2021 Registration begins February 23. If you have not submitted requests for Journalism courses that require overrides, do so ASAP. If I have not received your override request form by Noon on Monday February 8, your request will be processed very last and it is highly unlikely that you will get into those classes.

Courses that require overrides for Spring 2021: 305, 346, 370, 380, 404, 407, 440, 446, 450, 480, 321/421 Klipsun

Please check to make sure you meet the prerequisites for a class before requesting an override. Do not request overrides for classes that do not have an OV on them.

If you have a K grade in a course that is a prerequisite for a class you’d like to take in the Spring, still submit an override request now, but be aware that the override will not be considered until the K grade is complete.

If you applied to the major this quarter and are hoping to take 400-level major courses in the Spring, do not wait to submit your override request until you hear if you've been accepted. Submit your requests now. 

Don't forget when filling out the override request form to list the course number and/or name of the class you want, and not just the CRN. If you only list the CRN on the form it takes me longer to process your request and it will be processed last.

The J430 Internship requires an override, but is a separate application process. You do not need to submit this form for J430. 

Please Note: Being placed on the list for a class does not guarantee you a spot in the class. Overrides are determined based on graduation quarter and need and are decided two days before registration. For more information, please see the Journalism Department Internal Wait-List Policy.

Email Lydia Love if you need an override for a Winter course or have questions about your overrides.  


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