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General Information

The Kinesiology Program provides concentrated study of human movement from developmental, mechanical, motor control, psychosocial, psychological, pathological, and physiological perspectives. This program is appropriate for students who plan to work in the fitness/exercise industry and can serve as a preparatory program for graduate or post-baccalaureate study in the areas of aging, auxology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, health/fitness, motor control/learning, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, or similar allied health programs, and sport psychology. Supporting courses from biology, chemistry, computer science, psychology, health education, and physics may be included to provide more in-depth analysis of principles associated with human structure and function.

Program requirements for the three areas of concentration offered:

Pre-Health Care Professions
Kinesiology - Exercise Science
Kinesiology - Sport Psychology

Program Overview

The Kinesiology Program consists of two years of coursework. These include required core coursework in the following areas of professional activities: exercise science foundations, psychosocial and historical foundations, and field experience. Additionally, all Kinesiology students are required to select and take coursework in one of the following three areas of specialization: Exercise Science, Pre-Health Care Professions, or Sport Psychology. It is important to note that completion of coursework for the the Pre-Health Care Professions option may take more than two years. Generally, Kinesiology students begin taking coursework at the beginning of their junior year; however, earlier entry is possible with general university requirements (GURs) and Kinesiology requirements are taken concurrently. Careful planning is required if students are to complete their degree during a four-year period; course planning worksheets for each KIN specialization are included below and students are encouraged to connect with Advising Coordinator Jen Leita ( or schedule an appointment at for support in planning their coursework and progress towards degree completion. 

KIN Pre-healthcare professions specialization - Course planning worksheet
KIN Exercise Science specialization - Course planning worksheet
KIN Sport Psychology specialization - Course planning worksheet 

Admission to the program

Learn how to apply to the Kinesiology major by exploring the “Advising” and “Major Application and Declaration Procedures” section of the menu at the left.

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