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Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty Directory

Please contact all faculty via email. Office phones are not forwarded unless specifically indicated.

Name Email Phone Office Office Hours
Katherine J. Anderson (360) 650-3761 HU 361 Email instructor at any time; Office hours will be held via Zoom on Thursdays (by appointment only).
Bruce Beasley (360) 650-3255 HU 261 Instructor is available every day for office hours through Zoom or telephone. Please email Bruce Beasley for an appointment:
Michael Bell (360) 650-2537 HU 367 Office hours held on Zoom by appointment.
Nicole Brown (360) 650-3014 HU 311 Canvas chat and by arrangement via phone and Zoom.
Elizabeth Colen (360) 650-4669 HU 259 Office hours for ENG 350 are 2-3 on Wednesday. Office hours for ENG 451 are 2:30-3:30 on Thursday.
Jeremy Cushman (360) 650-6104 HU 363 ON LEAVE
Dawn Dietrich (360) 650-3225 HU 323 Office hours scheduled on Zoom. Email the instructor at
Julie Dugger (360) 650-4989 HU 341 Julie Dugger can be reached by email 8:30-9:30am TR and will switch over to Zoom or phone as needed. Appointments are also available by request..
Geri Forsberg (360) 650-4886 HU 255 Geri Forsberg's office hours are TR 12:30-1:30 on Zoom. Please contact Geri Forsberg for more information.
Marc Geisler (360) 650-3764 ES 603 NO OFFICE HOURS
Allison Giffen (360) 650-2013 HU 355 Office hours are W 12-2:00 and by appointment.
Bruce Goebel (360) 650-7634 HU 277 Bruce Goebel's office hours are by appointment via Calendly ( on TR between 9:00-12:00.
Carol Guess (360) 650-7347 HU 301 Office hours are held on T 4:00-5:00pm and W 5:00-6:00pm and by appointment. During this time the instructor will use two methods: rapid email response (for anyone) and personal cell phone (for students only).
Lee Gulyas (360) 650-6223 HU 343 Non-students can contact Lee Guylas via email to set up a meeting. Current students: Office Hours: 8:00-8:50 & 1-2 TWR & by appt.
Pam Hardman (360) 650-7621 HU 339 Office hours are held on MT 9:00-10:00 vis Zoom and by appointment. Please contact instructor via email.
Stefania Heim (360) 650-3227 HU 371 MF 10am-11am and by appointment. Students should feel free to email instructor for a Zoom link and/or alternate times.
Laura Laffrado (360) 650-2886 HU 379 ON LEAVE
Jean Lee (360) 650-3562 HU 359 Office hours: Zoom, Mondays 10 AM-2 PM for students. For non-students, please contact Jean Lee via email to make an appointment and a Zoom link.
Mark Lester (360) 650-3216 HU 279 Office hours (R 10-11:00) are being held online. [A recurring Zoom meeting has set up for that purpose, and students in this Mark Lester's courses have been provided with a link on class Home Pages.] Non-students should contact Mark Lester via email.
Justin Lewis (360) 650-7657 HU 275 Office hours are Tuesdays, 9AM-11AM via Zoom. Please contact professor for further information.
Christopher Loar (360) 650-2722 HU 383 Office hours are held via Zoom from 11:00-12:00 on W. Office hours are also available by appointment (email to request).
Andrew Lucchesi

(360) 650-2564

Out-of-Office Contact Phone: 360-499-6425.

HU 351 Drop-In Office Hours via Zoom: MWF 9:30-1:00. Also by appointment. Out of office contact for phone and text: 360-499-6425.
William Lyne (360) 650-3234 HU 315 NO OFFICE HOURS
Kelly Magee (360) 650-2650 HU 345 Kelly Magee be holding conference hours on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:00. Mostly these will be for students. For those who aren't students, please contact Kelly Magee to set up an appointment.
Cathy McDonald (360) 650-3236 HU 349 Virtual office hours upon request from students. If a non-student wants to reach Cathy McDonald, email to schedule a Zoom meeting.
Simon McGuire (360) 650-3228 HU 309

Instructor will not be holding office hours until restrictions are lifted. Students can request in-person meetings, non-students can contact Simon McGuire through email.

Mary Janell Metzger (360) 650-3238 HU 273 ON LEAVE
Brenda Miller (360) 650-3242 HU 303 Enrolled Student Office Hours: R 10:00-12:00 and by appointment via Zoom, sign up on Canvas Calendar. Creative Writing Advising Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:00-4:00, Thursday 1:00-3:00 via Zoom, sign up for meeting on Calendly:
Eren Odabasi (360) 650-3276 HU 265 Office hours for Eren Odabasi are Monday and Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 pm via Zoom. Please email instructor at to get a link for a Zoom meeting.
Nancy Pagh (360) 650-2265 HU 249

Office hours are by appointment. Please contact Nancy Pagh via

Suzanne Paola (360) 650-2735 HU 263 By appointment. Email:
Tony Prichard (360) 650-4984 HU 317 The instructor holds office hours on Zoom. Please see Canvas. Contact the instructor for more information.
Donna Qualley (360) 650-3256 HU 319 All students can reach instructor by email at Zoom meetings can also be set up by request.
Lysa M. Rivera (360) 650-2517 HU 365 Office hours are held MW 11:00-1:30 via Zoom.
Rachel Sarkar (360) 650-3276 HU 381 Office hours will be online, by appointment only. The best way to reach Rachel Sarkar is via e-mail:
Annmarie Sheahan (360) 650- HU 357 Office hours are held MW from 10:00-11:00 on Zoom and by appt. as needed. Students can set up office hour appointments by emailing instructor.
Ely Shipley (360) 650-6266 HU 369 Office Hours: Online R 4-5pm and by appointment via email.
Kaitlyn Teer (360) 650-3276 HU 381 Office hours for Kaitlyn Teer are MW 11:30 am-12:30 p.m. and by appointment. Email Kaitlyn Teer for appointment.
Kathryn Trueblood (360) 650-7615 HU 269 Office Hours are before & after class and by appointment: M/W 12:30-1:00 and 2:30-3:00. Non-students may make an appointment to see instructor.
Steven L. VanderStaay (360) 650-(TBD) HU 281 ON LEAVE
Kathryn Vulić (360) 650-3214 HU 335 Meetings by appointment.
Theresa Warburton (360) 650-6266 HU 369 Zoom office hours by appointment.
Katie Weed (360) 650-3122 HU 375 Zoom Office Hours for 101 students : Monday, 11:30-12:30pm, Thursday 11:30-12:30pm & by appointment (non-students wanting to meet with Katie Weed may communicate by email at
Kami Westhoff (360) 650-6257 HU 257 Office hours are by appointment. Please contact instructor for appointment.
Christopher Wise (360) 650-3237 HU 251 Office hours are held on Monday from 10:00-12:00; via Zoom appointment for students and all others. Please email Christopher Wise to make a Zoom appointment.
Jane Wong (360) 650-7385 HU 267 Please contact instructor via email for Zoom appointments.
Jeanne Yeasting (360) 650-2014 HU 353 Office hours for Jeanne Yeasting are held online and by appointment. Email Jeanne Yeasting to setup a Zoom meeting at:
Greg Youmans (360) 650-3243 HU 307 Wednesdays from 1:30–3:30pm on Zoom. Please contact instructor for the link.
Ning Yu (360) 650-2887 HU 313 Contact instructor via email.


Staff Directory

Name Email Phone Office

Donna Mason, Department Manager (360) 650-3275 HU 331

Erica Dean-Crawford, Graduate Program Coordinator (360) 650-3232 HU 325

Jemma Everyhope-Roser, Undergraduate Program Coordinator (360) 650-3209 HU 329 / 327

Tina Nelson, Program Assistant (360) 650-6846 HU 331

Maiya Praegel, IT Systems Manager (360) 650-3224 HU 373