SLP Graduate Application FAQs

Western Washington University
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Graduate Speech-Language Program

Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

Credits to degree 82-83 - Non Thesis,  88-92 - Thesis
Cost of tuition
Tuition and Fee Schedule

Program duration 2 years / 7 quarters based on full-time attendance beginning fall quarter (under advisement, may extend program but must be completed in 5 years)
Number of applicants 2016 - 215; 2017 – 206, 2018 - 154; 2019 - 134; 2020 - 127
Number accepted 2016 - 21; 2017 - 21; 2018 -  21; 2019 - 21; 2020 - 20
GRE required GRE has been waived for 2021-2022 applications
GRE scores of most current applicants accepted 50th percentile or better
CSDCAS* application No
Application fee $100.00
Application process Apply Online:;
Deadline to apply January 15
Minimum GPA 3.0 GPA
GPA of most current applicants accepted 2016 - avg 3.7 GPA; 2017 - avg 3.76 GPA; 2018 - avg 3.72 GPA; 2019 - avg 3.72GPA; 2020 - avg 3.71 GPA

*Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service provided by CAPCSD


WWU Graduate School Link:

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How do I apply?

Complete online application and upload required document via the Graduate School link.

  • One copy of un-official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Three letters of reference, at least two of which must be from academic sources. Consider requesting references from professors or others who are able to make an appropriate assessment of your academic and professional competence and your potential for graduate level study.
  • A one-page statement describing why you are interested in graduate level study in speech-language pathology and what you bring to the discipline in terms of relevant experiences, academic skills, clinical potential, and career goals. Please read the prompt on the application carefully and be sure your statement addresses the prompt.
  • A one-page resume, providing information about educational background, awards, relevant employment and volunteer experiences.
  • Please do not send unsolicited materials such as term papers, CDs, or course syllabi.


Do you accept transfer students from other master’s programs?

No.  We do not accept transfer students.

If admitted, may I defer entrance to the program?

No.  We expect that your application is for concurrent academic year.  If you are interested in attending in subsequent years then you will make application and be considered within the pool of applicants at that time.

Should my references be confidential?

Yes.  We will only accept confidential letters of reference.  We feel that information may be more valid when the recommender knows that the student will not see the letter.

Are there minimum GPA and/or GRE scores required of admission to the program?

The Graduate School requires a minimum GPA of 3.0.  There are no GRE score requirements, but we recommend scores in the 50th percentile.  High GPA and GRE scores are favorable but are not the determining factors in admission.

How do you weigh multiple reported GRE scores?

We do review all dates and scores and our final thinking is guided by the highest score derived for each area in the multiple takes.

When should I take the GRE?

Find out the application deadlines for the graduate schools to which you are applying.  Then work backwards from your earliest deadline.  Build some extra time into your planning process for unexpected delays because you can only take the GRE test once per calendar month.

If I am reapplying to your program, do I need to send in another complete application including official GRE?  Yes

How do you weigh each of the application components?

We score the applications with a given rubric in the following areas:  GRE, GPA, Statement of Purpose, and Reference Letters.  Every applications is reviewed and all aspects of the application are considered.

Do you have a waitlist and what is the process?

Yes.  Notifications will be sent to applicants placed on the waitlist. As seats become available due to admit declines, we will reconvene and review our waitlist. Our waitlist is not ranked.

When will I hear whether or not I have been accepted to your graduate program?

Our initial admission letters are generally sent mid-March and admitted candidates have until April 15th to accept or decline an admittance offer.  Our waitlist will remain active until the start of classes in September

Do you offer Teaching Assistantships as a component of your graduate program?

Subject to annual change, the CSD Department has 1 full-time (e.g. 20 hours per week, full tuition waiver) and 10 part-time (e.g. 10 hours per week, one-half tuition waiver) with hourly pay of approximately $19.80.  Generally speaking, 1st year graduate students do not receive a TA for Fall Quarter. Students apply each quarter for awards the following quarter based on teaching faculty needs, merit, and financial need. We do not offer Teaching Assistantships as a component of our initial admittance offer.

I have a BA (or BS) in CSD/Speech-Language Pathology, but it is 5 years old.  Can I still apply to the graduate program?

No.  Degrees, 5-years or older, are not considered by WWU.  You will need to complete a post-baccalaureate program prior to applying to the graduate program.

If my undergraduate degree is in a field other than Communication Sciences and Disorders or Speech-Language Pathology – such as Linguistics or Speech Sciences or Speech Language Assistant Program, or Psychology etc. may I apply to your graduate program?

No.  In such a case, you will need to complete a post-baccalaureate program before being considered for the WWU Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Program