College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Transcripts of all college work + Transfer Equivalency Report, if applicable.

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  • Your Western Washington University transcript (Total Academic History) must be requested in CF 295 (do not go to the Office of the Registrar–it will charge a fee for transcripts).  If you are a transfer student, ask us to run your Transfer Course Equivalency Report ‘TER’ at the same time you request your WWU transcript and include both in your application portfolio. 


  • Obtain unofficial transcripts from all other college-level institutions that you have attended in addition to WWU (any institution from which you have received credits appearing on your WWU Transcript/TER; however, high school AP course and/or College in the High School transcripts are not necessary.)  Note: you can usually download unofficial transcripts from other colleges online.


  • Highlight all communication courses taken at WWU (include those in progress) and communication transfer course equivalencies on your transcripts. Note that COMM transfer courses with COMM #XX may count as electives in the major, but COMM #TT may only be used in the WWU general elective area. Also, if you’ve taken JOUR 190, highlight it as well, since it may count as credit in the Communication Studies major.