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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Major Declaration

Major Application

COVID-19 Major Admission Accommodation. Communication Studies faculty has decided to accept every student’s application for Winter 2021 major admission, as long as the portfolio submitted is complete in meeting all requirements. To apply for the major, students must self-enroll in the designated Canvas for the respective quarter to get started. Winter 2021 portfolios are due January 19, 2021.  

Click here for the Canvas application link for Winter 2021.

The Canvas application link for Spring 2021 is forthcoming.

Click PDF icon here to read the detailed instructions for application.
Click PDF icon here to view a sample portfolio. 


Pre-Major Declaration

Students contemplating a major in Communication Studies are encouraged to register as pre-majors to ensure that they receive appropriate advising and relevant communications from the department. In order to declare a pre-major in Communication Studies, students should initiate the e-form following the steps below.


  1. Initiate this declaration form.
  2.  Complete "SECTION I: Student Information."
  3.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the form and in the Signatures and Attachments box's "Email to:" type Do not send it to the default Registrar's email on the form.
  4.  Last, click "Submit."

Only after you have submitted your pre-major declaration form as instructed above, the name of your pre-major faculty advisor will be added on the e-form. Your form will then be forwarded to the Registrar. The name of your major advisor will then be listed in your Degree Works. Visit our Faculty & Staff Directory for your advisor's contact information.

Please contact your pre-major advisor for pre-major and major coursework questions and mentoring. Contact Michelle Reed Oppenheimer at or (360) 650-2294 for major application portfolio matters and general advising questions. You may also contact if you have questions or need assistance.