College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty & Staff

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Ee Lin Lee, Chair of Communication Studies

Dr. Ee Lin Lee - Chair, Professor

Phone: (360) 650-4032
Office: CF 291

Ph.D. Cross-cultural and Intercultural Communication, University of New Mexico
M.A. Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication, Western Michigan University
B.A. Communication Studies, Western Michigan University


Dr. Travis Cram - Director of Forensics, Assistant Professor

Phone: (360) 650-3988
Office: CF 281

Ph.D. Communication Studies, University of Kansas
M.A. Communication Studies, University of Kansas
B.A. Political Science, University of Wyoming

Dr. Stephanie Gomez - Assistant Professor

Phone: (360) 650-4313
Office: CF 273

Ph.D. Communication, University of Utah
M.A. Communication, California State University, San Bernardino
B.A. Communication, California Baptist University

Dr. Rita Daniels headshot

Dr. Rita Daniels - Assistant Professor

Phone: (360) 650-6632
Office: CF 277

Ph.D. Communication Studies, West Virginia University
M.A. International Studies, Ohio University
M.P. Business Communication, University of Education, Ghana
B.E. English, University of Education, Ghana

Dr. Michael Karlberg headshot

Dr. Michael Karlberg - Professor

Phone: (360) 650-7367
Office: CF 289

Ph.D. Communication, Simon Fraser University, School of Communication
M.A. Communication, Simon Fraser University, School of Communication
B.Ed. Teacher Certification, University of Toronto, Faculty of Education
B.A. Environmental Studies, University of California Santa Cruz

Dr. Tara Perry headshot

Dr. Tara Perry - Professor

Phone: (360) 650-2202
Office: CF 285

Ph.D. Cultural & Disability Studies, Washington State University
M.A. Communication, Washington State University,
B.A. Journalism, Western Washington University


Dr. Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre headshot

Dr. Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre - Professor

Phone: (360) 650-4212
Office: CF 283

Ph.D. Communication Studies, University of Iowa
M.A. Communication, Wake Forest University
B.A. Women's Studies & Political Science, University of Vermont

Dr. Karen Rohrbauck Stout headshot

Dr. Karen Rohrbauck Stout - Professor

Phone: (360) 650-2563
Office: AH 301

Ph.D. Communication, University of Utah
M.A. Communication, University of Montana
B.A. Communication, University of Puget Sound

Dr. Jianglong Wang headshot

Dr. Jianglong Wang - Professor

Phone: (360) 650-3869
Office: CF 279

Ph.D. Communication, Northwestern University
M.A. Northwestern University
B.A. Fudan University

Dr. Steven Woods headshot

Dr. Steve Woods - Professor

Phone: (360) 650-4879
Office: CF 293

Ph.D. Florida State University
M.A. Kansas State University
B.A. Kansas State University

Dr. Zhengyu (Tracy) Zhang - Assistant Professor


Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin
M.S. Fort Hays State University
B.A. Zhengzhou University

Dr. Max Barahona - Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-3890
Office: CF 275

Ph.D. Political Sciences, Université de Montpellier
M.A. Communication, Eastern Michigan University
B.A. Communication and Journalism, Universidad Austral de Chile

Diane Blietz - Senior Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-7981
Office: CF 297

M.A. Education, University of Phoenix
B.A. Speech Communication, University of Northern Colorado

Heather K. Davidson headshot

Heather K. Davidson - Senior Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-2280
Office: CF 299

MEd. Continuing and College Education, Western Washington University
B.A. Communication, Western Washington University
Associate in Arts and Science, Whatcom Community College

Dr. Mary Erickson headshot

Dr. Mary Erickson - Senior Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-7989
Office: CF 273

Ph.D. Communication & Society, University of Oregon
M.A. Film Studies, Carleton University
B.A. International Communications, Political Science, University of Washington

Korry Harvey headshot

Korry Harvey - Senior Instructor and Assistant Director of Forensics

Phone: (360) 650-3890
Office: CF 275

B.S. History, Weber State University

Jennifer Hays headshot

Jennifer Hays - Senior Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-2571
Office: CF 287

M.A. Theatre, Florida State University
B.A. Communication, Kansas State University

Carter Henman - Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-4555
Office: CF 219

B.A. Philosophy, University of Wyoming

Lauren Johnson - Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-4556
Office: CF 219

M.A. Communication, University of Wyoming
B.A. Political Science, Gonzaga University

Dr. Jason Lind headshot

Jason Lind - Senior Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-2572
Office: CF 297

M.A. Speech Communication, University of Maine
B.A. Communication, Western Washington University


Mark Miller headshot

Mark Miller - Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-7407
Office: FA 342

M.Ed. Western Washington University
B.A. Production Arts, Fairhaven College

Rosemary Vohs headshot

Rosemary Vohs - Senior Instructor

Phone: (360) 650-6446
Office: CF 203/205

M.A. Communication, Western Washington University
B.A. Religion and Philosophy, Northwest College

Dr. Anna Eblen headshot

Dr. Anna Eblen - Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. Rhetoric & Communication, University of Oregon
M.A. Communication Arts, University of West Florida,
B.A. Psychology, Duke University



Christa Schulz - Academic Department Manager

Phone: (360) 650-2670
Office: CF 295

M.S. Management and Leadership, Western Governors University
B.A. International Economics & Cultural Affairs; and Latin, Valparaiso University

Michelle Reed Oppenheimer headshot

Michelle Reed Oppenheimer - Office Assistant

Phone: (360) 650-2294
Office: CF 295

Juris Doctor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
B.S. Public Relations, Syracuse University