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Transfer Information

It is highly recommended that transfer students seek advisement their first quarter at Western. This advising session will help determine what prerequisite classes are necessary to register for in order to declare a major. It is important to note, incoming transfer students register according to the number of credits earned at the time of entry to Western. Any difficulties with registration should be directed to the Anthropology Main Office at (360) 650-3620.

It is recommended that transfer students interested in the Anthropology/Biology major complete a year of chemistry and biology before entering the program. Fulfilling these courses prior to entering Western, may considerably shorten the number of quarters necessary to complete the major. Pre-Med advising is also available by Dr. George Kriz in the Chemistry Dept. Students are welcome to contact our Department Office at (360) 650-3620 or the Biology Department for more information.

Transfer students interested in Archaeology should be aware that taking the 12 required credits in the sciences, Geology or Geography are highly recommended, prior to entering Western. Early advisement is highly suggested. Transfer students who have taken courses in Anthropology at other colleges and universities are advised that the following equivalents are recognized:

  • An introductory course that deals primarily with archaeology or Physical Anthropology is equivalent to Anthropology 210 or 215 respectively.
  • An introductory course titled Cultural Anthropology or the like, is equivalent to Anthropology 201.

In general, transfer students will be given elective credit for courses transferred from Anthropology departments at other schools even though an equivalent course may not be offered at Western. When questions of the equivalency of prerequisite or required courses arise, you should consult the instructor of the course that most closely approximates the course that have taken.

Transfer equivalencies for Washington Community Colleges and other Washington State Universities are available on the Admissions website: If in doubt about equivalency of courses taken at another institution, contact the Department Office.

The focus areas available are as follows:

minor in Anthropology is also available.

Students are only eligible to declare an anthropology major if they have successfully completed ANTH 201 and 301 plus one of the following: 210 or 215 or 247.