College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Linguistics Concentration

Linguistics Advisor:

Dr. Judy Pine

Anthropological linguistics will provide students with training in language and communication from the broad cross-cultural perspective of Anthropology. The program includes training in technical linguistics, anthropological method and theory, and an area and language specialty of the student's own choice. Training in anthropological linguistics provides the student with technical and analytical skills that have significant applicability in a wide variety of jobs. The student may also choose to continue on to graduate study in linguistics or Linguistic Anthropology.

In the interconnected global world of today, anthropological linguistic skills are important in international business and diplomatic communication. The Japanese, for example, use anthropologists in analyzing how to word ads to appeal to the American market. Anthropological linguistic skills are also important in the field of domestic communications, including television, print media, and education. The student is encouraged to pursue independent projects involving practical or theoretical use of anthropological linguistics.


Cultural Anthropology coursework as advised

Concentration under advisement

ANTH 247 - Introduction to Linguistics Anthropology (5cr)
ANTH 347 - Ethnography of Communication (5cr)
ANTH 447 - Anthropological Semiotics (5cr)
ANTH 490 - (select sections only) Gender and Language, Endangered Languages (5cr)

Electives under advisement

Major - Linguistics (59 credits): (Bachelor of Arts)
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