COVID-19 Symptom Attestation

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Covid-19 Faculty & Staff Screening Form

Please use this form every time you go to campus:


Department Reopening Plan Outline:

Here’s the plan as approved for the summer, it can probably be modified for the fall as necessary. This means that we will not have to fill out the READY Access form anymore

Faculty, Grads and Researchers can come in and use offices and labs as necessary given that they:

1. Submit a rough schedule to Lauren, ‘Tuesday mornings', for example.

2. Complete the university COVID in the Workplace Training

3. Follow all the university guidelines for social distancing etc...:

Masks required except when alone in offices or labs

  • This means wearing masks in the halls and common spaces.
  • Stay 6 feet apart when in shared spaces, or in common areas, or when 2 or more people share a lab.
  • No sharing of materials without cleaning between contact
  • Wipe down touchpads, doorknobs, high contact areas, desks tops, etc. before and after use


 4. Each day before an individual comes to campus they must submit the Covid-19 Screening Form (link above)

  • The information will be logged and archived for contact tracing purposes
  • Individuals are prohibited from coming to campus without logging in, or if they have symptoms
  • If someone has symptoms they are supposed to report it to their supervisor (me) and self quarantine, we then follow the university procedure for reporting symptoms
  • If someone develops symptoms while on campus, they should:  A.) report it to Lauren and me, and B.) leave immediately -we then follow the process for reporting, etc. 

This puts individual burdens on each of us using campus facilities, and it puts a burden on Lauren to keep track of it all.

We will have cleaning gear and extra masks available in the main office or mailroom, if you plan to use a lab consistently, let Lauren know and she can get separate cleaning gear for that space.

Instead of constant on site supervision by a single individual we will all be responsible for following these guidelines. Lauren and I will do spot checks when we are there, and I will delegate some of that to people who will be or are there regularly. If you see someone not following the guidelines, please remind them of their responsibilities.

If we want to keep using the department facilities, it is imperative that we all cooperate and follow the plan. Remember that this all flows from the governor’s emergency orders, and university policy, so it effectively has the force of law. If you are caught intentionally not following the guidelines you can be prohibited from using campus facilities, etc.

Now go wash your hands,