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Applied Anthropology Lab

Welcome to WWU Applied Anthropology Lab!

Prof. Yeon Jung Yu (please connect to my faculty site:

I am a cultural and medical anthropologist with research interests in social networks, sex work, HIV/AIDS, drug use, and social stigma. A sampling of my current projects includes: (1) social networks of female sex workers, (2) inequalities in the webcam modeling industry, (3) physical and mental health of trafficked women in the sex trade, and (4) recreational drug use culture among college students.

Lab Members

Current Lab Members

  • Jill Ringoen, Geology & Cultural Anthropology
  • Emily Hill, Archeology & Cultural Anthropology
  • Ashton Eyer, Cultural Anthropology
  • Zarea Lavalais, Communication & Cultural Anthropology
  • Nick Parker, Cultural Anthropology
  • Eva Wolcott, Biology & Cultural Anthropology
  • Caitlin Millard, Anthropology
  • Alison Keller, Biological Anthropology

Lab Alumni

  • Jasmine Castro, B.A., Anthropology
  • Kelley Opendeck, B.A., History & Anthropology


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