Dr. Richard Veith

Graduation Year:

Dr. Richard Veith was born in Seattle, Washington, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Western in 1969. He has three children with his wife Marcella Pascualy, and is currently residing in Seattle as a UW professor as well as the former chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He is also on the Western Washington University College of Humanities and Social Sciences Advancement Council.


Dr. Veith is currently examining the disturbances of sympathetic nervous system function in aging, as well as in patients with major depression. Since June, 2013, Dr. Veith has traveled to Bali, Vietnam, and Cambodia. He chairs a Congressional Advisory Committee that reports to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs on the VA’s national geriatric clinical care programs and the 19 Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Centers (which Veith formerly directed at the Seattle VA Medical Center). Because of this, Dr. Veith has participated in several program site visits, such as in Minneapolis, and semi-annual trips to Washington DC. Dr. Veith was recently awarded a 5-year VA Merit Review grant to examine sympathetic nervous system activity in patients who are depressed subsequent to myocardial infarction.